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03/10/2014 - 03/01/2015

Date Time

7:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Fabrica de Pensule

Deep in the tropical jungles of Petra a critical error has occurred. Scientists concluded that it may have been caused by the soft collision between a perfectly concave meteor and a nanofield of dry ice. Early indicative research regarding the impact equates the results of this to a bridge between Volume and Flatness, a dimension where texture could shift into matter, and glimpses into the future were highlighted in the form of totemic forest shrines aching to compose a predestined yet blurry path.

The landscape and the ecosystem have been severely altered since those events occurred. Water became a bonding agent, circling squares. Researchers’ reports in the field gathered proof that the evolutive nature of the artifacts shifted from belligerent scenario survival kits to a more user-friendly water warfare awareness which enabled simulations to lead the path to improvement. Vegetation froze into a state in which it was considered suitable for preservation and went trough a process of instant fossilization. Even the feared Acanthus Mollis plant – known for a behavior similar to long lost invasive civilizations – got the leash and was immortalized in between layers of gypsum.

What are you witnessing today is a rendition of those first moments where the physics defying phenomena occurred, a theatrical trailer of events that have both unfolded and have yet to unfold. The dynamics behind /:SPRLQDT is constituted by such a play with the artificial, on appropriations of art and fictive space representations.

Walter ‘Fight’ Tyson